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Impact investing is an easy and accessible way for most people to start making a positive change in the world and thereby contributing to reaching the deadline of the SDGs by 2030. Many of today’s global companies are actively participating in reaching this important deadline and each company has its own area of focus within the SDGs.

We will now look further into the first of the six areas – Dignity – and showcase examples of three different public listed companies – all participants of United Nations Global Compact,who’s mission is to mobilize a global movement of sustainable companies and stakeholders to create the world we want.

Our chosen three companies serves as examples of companies who support the SDGs within the area of Dignity and our aim with this blog is to visualize how a possible impact investment can be made, allowing you to put your money where your heart is.


Dignity – consists of SDG 1 (No Poverty) and SDG 5 (Gender Inequality).

Fighting inequality and poverty are some of the biggest issues we face and you as an individual can help contribute to the solution by supporting companies who fight against gender inequality and extreme poverty by choosing to invest your money in them.

Dignity is often a big factor in the quality of life of most human beings. Dignity is preserved when each person is treated with respect no matter of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or social class. Imagine the opportunities that would be available if gender inequality and poverty did not exist? While discrimination against women and girls and extreme poverty has diminished, there is still a long way to go before these issues are solved. Addressing unfair social norms, developing progressive legal frameworks and having a universal social protection system are ways to end these issues.

3 companies that want to end poverty or fight inequality

Below you find three examples of global public listed companies in the Nordics that support the SDGs within the area of Dignity, giving you a possibility to visualize how a potential impact investment can be made:


ISS A/S states in their latest CSR report regarding Gender Equality the following:

“ISS is a multicultural company and embraces and encourages diversity. Women make up nearly half our workforce. Female representation in management, leadership development and graduate programmes has high priority and is progressing. Our Diversity Policy continues to bring results, with more initiatives to identify female candidates and promote women to more senior roles. Training programmes educate, enforce and embed policies against harassment and discrimination.”



William Demant Holding A/S states in their latest COP report regarding Gender Equality the following:

“Explorative ten-month research and new projects on the horizon focusing on Diversity and Inclusion, and a special consideration for pregnant employees in the supplier Code of Conduct.”



YARA International ASA states in their latest GRI report regarding No Poverty and Gender Equality the following:


“Food Security: The increased demand for food drives YARA’s markets. By reaching out to smallholder farmers with our products and knowledge, we support local food production and inclusive growth. We are committed to developing the agricultural sector, also in the African continent where we have a strong and long-standing presence.”

“The chemical industry has traditionally been male dominated, and Yara suffers from having too few female employees across all areas, except in administration. This is also replicated in the diversity level at leadership positions across Yara. Yara has decided to address the gender diversity imbalance more assertively, as we believe in creating an equal opportunity workplace and that gender diversity can help drive a high-performance organization.”



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