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Now it is time to move on to the fourth area – Partnership – and explore the companies that support the SDGs within it. The companies mentioned in this blog are all participants of United Nations Global Compact, whose mission is to mobilize a global movement of sustainable companies and stakeholders to create the world we want.

Our chosen three companies serves as examples of companies who support the SDG within the area of Partnership and our aim with this blog is to visualize how a possible impact investment can be made, allowing you to put your money where your heart is.                                                       


The fourth area – Partnership – consist of SDG 17 (Partnership for the Goals).

Global partnerships are vital if the SDGs are to be reached by 2030. In this case, more is more and the larger the number of people that are willing to lend a hand, the faster it goes.

Natural disasters and conflicts are the main reasons for humanitarian crises today and even though the official development assistance from developed countries have increased, additional financial resources and aid is still in demand. But how can we meet the need for aid and financial assistance when not all countries can be equal partners, when it comes to financial contribution?

The world we live in today is interconnected thanks to technology and the internet. We can take advantage of the increasingly globalized world we live in and encourage international trade and help developing countries increase their exports. Achieving a universal rules-based and just trading system will be beneficial for all and help create strong and equal partners.

3 companies that care about Partnership – Catalyse global solidarity for sustainable development

You can start doing your part by investing in companies that support these initiatives. Here are three companies that can serve as examples of where you can start your impact investing journey.


IC GROUP states in their latest Sustainability report (2016/2017) the following:

“IC Group will continue its support of the UN Global Compact Principles, and Group brands will continue to work towards even better implementation of CR efforts across the business. This includes continued emphasis on creating strong partnerships with suppliers with focus on dialogue and education as vehicles for the development of a more sustainable supply chain alongside with active memberships of relevant communities and NGOs.”



H&M states in their latest Sustainability report (2016/2017) the following:

“Using the Sustainable Impact Partnership Programme (SIPP), we are working with our business partners to raise their environmental and social performance. This involves rewarding high-achieving and ambitious partners with more orders, training opportunities and long-term contracts. This helps improve environmental and social standards across our whole industry.”



Husqvarna states in their latest Sustainability report (2016/2017) the following:


“Together with strategic partners, we are finding innovative ways to introduce low-carbon solutions. We have further strengthened the partnership with BMZ GmbH, a system provider and specialist in intelligent battery solutions, covering the development and manufacture of future generation lithium-ion batteries. BMZ is a leader in the lithium-ion rechargeable battery market and is currently our largest supplier of battery packs. Our partnership aims to shorten time to market, enhance innovation and ramp up the shift to a low-carbon product portfolio.”



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