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We don’t believe that the current investment world matches the sustainability strive in the younger generation. At make!mpact, we want to change the game and make sustainable investing simple. We empower you with the knowledge, confidence and transparency to make a difference through your investments. No one should have to compromise their sustainability values in order to invest their money.

At make!mpact, we help you get started investing in companies working to both make a profit and to create a positive impact on your sustainability values. In our app, you’ll find everything you need to know about investments, sustainability as well as insights into which globally listed companies share your values - all gathered at one place.

Simply said, you choose minimum three sustainability values based on the 17 UN Sustainable Development goals and we match them against the globally listed companies, which support the same values as you. We then showcase the matches, starting with the company that comes closest to your chosen values.

To get started on your sustainable investing journey, all you have to do is download the make!mpact app and sign up to become a part of our community. Have you never invested before? No need to worry – this is why we are here.

Today, you can sign up to the make!mpact community if you live in the Nordics. As a member, you will be able to access our academy, customized news feed and track how sustainable your investments are. To invest through our investment platform partner, you need a Danish CPR number and we are looking forward to expanding to the rest of the Nordics as soon as possible.

First of all, let’s make one thing clear – make!mpact will never take a cut of your investments. Our app will be 100% free for you to use until July 2021, where you will have to pay a small monthly subscription fee that will give you access to our app, community and all of our future events.

We strongly believe that everyone has their unique sustainability values and we want you to be able to invest according to your own interests. That is why we don’t screen or rate any of the companies listed in the app. It is up to you to rate the sustainable-level of each of the companies based on your own values and insights.

That’s you! We call all of our wonderful make!mpact members “!mpactors”, because through your sustainable investments, you help create the impact that is needed to shape a better tomorrow.

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