MakeImpact provides a subscription based online service (M! Club) at www.makeimpact.io (the “Website”) and these Terms & Conditions (the “Terms”) apply to any use of the Website and the associated MakeImpact web-based app (app.makeimpact.io). In the following, when referring to the Website, this shall also include the app. 

By using the Website and registering as a user, you accept to be subject to these Terms. 

The Website is provided by MakeImpact ApS, a Danish company situated at Birkedommervej 27, 2nd Floor – 2400 Copenhagen NV – Denmark and registered with the following company no.: 39899639 (hereinafter referred to as “MakeImpact” or “us” or “we”). 

The Website is facilitated by Mighty Software, Inc., which is a USA based company that builds communities (called “mighty networks”) and hosts our community. When you are signing up for the MakeImpact services, please note that you are at the same time entering into an agreement with our partner, Mighty Networks. You cannot access our Website and use MakeImpact’s services without also accepting Mighty Software’s Terms and Privacy Notice.

You may be asked to agree to additional terms and conditions if you register or sign up for any additional, alternative or enhanced services or products.


You must be 18 years of age or over to use the Website. 

In order to use the Website, you will need to register as a user and subscribe to a plan. 

In order to become a registered user, you need a password. You choose your own password which must be used with your email address when logging onto the Website. The password is personal and you must not transfer it or in other ways make it available to others. It is your responsibility to ensure that the password does not fall into the hands of a third party. If you become aware that the password is or may have been compromised, you are obligated to inform us hereof.

You are responsible for ensuring that the information provided is correct at the time of registration. Upon registration, you may only provide information regarding your own payment and credit cards.


A subscription to MakeImpact will grant you access to the Website’s online universe of knowledge, inspiration and sparring regarding sustainable investment, among others through webinars, articles and user content. However, please note that MakeImpact assumes no responsibility for your use of the information on the Website. We emphasize that investments, including securities trading, are generally associated with great risk and any information provided on the Website is at your sole risk.


In respect of all content or material that you submit or post on the Website (hereinafter referred to as the “User-Generated Content” or “UGC”):

  • you grant us a worldwide,non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable royalty-free, transferable right and licence to use, display, reproduce, modify, publish, translate, create derivative works of, commercially exploit and distribute such content or material in any media, together with the right to sublicense such rights; and
  • you are liable for the lawfulness of any UCG you post on the Website and you warrant that all UGC posted on the Website is correct and true (where they state facts); and
  • you confirm that you have obtained the consent of any individual identified in such UGC to the posting of the material on the Website.


In the event that your contributions to the Website infringe any rights of any third party, you shall, at your own expense and at our discretion, either obtain the right to use such contribution or render such contribution free from infringement.

If MakeImpact receives notice or otherwise becomes aware that UGC violates current legislation, we may delete the UGC without any notice, and we – dependent on the character of the violation – may inform the violated party and/or the authorities of the violation. Our right to delete will not be conditioned on an explanation, although we will strive to inform you about the deletion and the reason hereof.


You will pay a fee for your subscription and you can choose between different plans for your subscription. All plans and the associated fees can be found here. The length of your billing cycle and the fee will depend on the type of subscription that you choose when you sign up for the subscription.

Purchase of a subscription is binding. As you are given access to the full content on the Website right after completing the subscription, you give your express consent to waive the right of cancellation when subscribing. This means that you will not be eligible for a refund if you choose to close your account before the expiry of the subscription. It is, however, possible for you to close your account any time you wish even though the money will not be refunded. 

The subscription fee will be charged to the provided payment card on a rolling basis and your MakeImpact subscription will automatically continue and renew until terminated, cf. below. The payment is handled by our payment partner Stripe to guarantee a fast and secure payment.  

MakeImpact reserves the right to make changes to a subscription, including recurring subscription fees or pre paid periods from time to time. MakeImpact will inform you in advance of such price changes and, if applicable, how to accept them.


Your subscription will continue until terminated by you or MakeImpact. You may terminate your subscription at any time and the termination will take effect at the end of your current billing cycle. 

To terminate the subscription, please send an [email to MakeImpact on termination@makeimpact.io  or log on to https://club.makeimpact.io and unsubscribe the subscription plan]. 

All terms of these Terms that should survive a termination by their nature, will survive and these terms include but are not limited to the following sections: 1. Introduction, 4. User content and feedback, 6. Termination of your Subscription, 9. Intellectual Property, 10. Liability, 11. Personal Data, 13. Governing Law and Venue.


MakeImpact may offer trials to a MakeImpact subscription for a specified period without payment or at a reduced rate (a “Trial”). You will be required to provide your payment details to start the Trial. By providing such details you acknowledge that MakeImpact may automatically begin charging you for a MakeImpact subscription on the first day following the end of the Trial on a recurring monthly basis or other interval (as applicable) provided that this was stated in the conditions for the Trial. If you do not want this charge, you must cancel the applicable subscription before the end of the Trial.


MakeImpact cannot guarantee that the Website will always be available. Sometimes there are errors which affect the availability of the Website which require us to undertake some maintenance. We will, however, make reasonable efforts to keep the Website operational. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing, we reserve the right to modify or discontinue the Website or functions or features on it temporarily or permanently without liability to you to the fullest extent permitted by law. We will give you advance notice where possible. If you have prepaid fees to MakeImpact for a subscription, and the subscription is permanently discontinued prior to the end of the pre-paid period, we will refund you the prepaid fees for that prepaid period after such discontinuation. You understand and accept that the content on the Website will vary from time to time, and that MakeImpact and the owners of any content may from time to time remove content from the Website without notice to you.


All rights to products, articles, webinars, courses, events, etc. on the Website shall belong to MakeImpact. 

You are not allowed to make copies of published content (e.g. articles and webinars) from MakeImpact, unless this is in accordance with MakeImpact’s instructions or with our written consent. 

Commercial use of our trademark (name, logo etc.) shall not be allowed.


MakeImpact assumes no responsibility for your use of the information on the Website. Investments, including securities trading, are generally associated with great risks. You expressly agree that your use of the Website and any information provided on the Website is at your sole risk. The information published on the Website should not be interpreted as a recommendation for you to buy, sell, or hold any financial product, investment or any other security – and MakeImpact cannot be held liable for any lack of earnings or losses connected to your use of the knowledge gained from the Website.


Your personal data will be processed in accordance with MakeImpact’s Privacy Policy.


MakeImpact may occasionally make changes to the Terms for valid reasons such as changed functionality and development of the Service, implementing new technology and ensuring legal compliance. When material changes are made, we will notify and/or seek your agreement as appropriate.


The Terms, and all disputes or claims (“Disputes”) between you and MakeImpact relating to the Terms, the Website or the content provided via the Website, are governed by and construed exclusively in accordance with the laws of Denmark without regard to conflict of law principles. The City Court of Copenhagen shall have exclusive jurisdiction of all Disputes.


You may contact MakeImpact via email at hello@makeimpact.io or in writing by mail to Birkedommervej 27, 2nd Floor, 2400 Copenhagen NV – Denmark.

These Terms were last updated on June 1st 2021.